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o C'mon! cut me some slack. Benz's been great. But it's a friggin boat & I've had it for almost 1.5 yrs. According to Gomez, my autobody guy: "Tony man, you so young, you need a faster car man!" So I got a faster car. Already instlled a turbo boost controller, boost gauge & Greddy BOV, 17x8" BBS RKs on the Saab. The 3" turbo downpipe is being shipped from Sweden as we speak and hopefully I'll be fitting a Nakayama (same brand as my muffler on the 300CE) 3" N1 can by middle of May.

Also, if you check the url listed in my profile, you may realize the real reason why I'm selling the Benz is because of Miatas. Hopefully, but the end of this wk, I'll have picked up a '90 Miata w/ 100K mi for $2K. Then my gf & I will be a '2 Miata couple'. Will still have a Benzo lovin' family tho:
- mum's cherry red, mid life crisis '00 CLK430
- pop's '99 E430
00 w210t, all stock.
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