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I have to laugh because I just got a 300e 1988 111k....first thing my friend said to me was "how can you afford those 200 dollar oil changes?"

What a misconception. I hate changing oil and always bring my cars to the cheapy places. I get it changed like clockwork at 3k miles.

However, when I noticed that this car has a top mounted filter, I read the posts and bought myself an oil extractor.

Then went to Pep Boys and got some oil on sale after rebate for 59 cents a quart. Got another case for the summer at 89 cents after rebate.

Spent close to 5 dollars for a Bosch filter.

You do the math.

I may even start crawling under the Expedition and changing its oil.

One thing I like about MB of this era and engine size. It has to be one of the easiest DIY to work on. Especially with the help you get on this site.

Two years ago, I would have never considered changing the tranny fluid, filter and gasket. It was a snap..a bit messy, but a snap. Figure what that savings is>

Greenville, SC
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