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Nate Corey
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I have noticed that my 1984 w123 300D rides considerably lower than most w123's. It looks close to being fully loaded with passengers when nobobody is inside of it. I have also noticed that most w123's ride at different heights- some are pretty low like mine, some are medium height or just a bit higher than mine, and others are very high. I want to have a higher ride height (to me, it looks better, and rides better, as my friends w123 rides very high.) I have been told that new springs will raise the ride height. What can I do to raise the ride height of my car? It is a 1984 300D with only 107K miles. It is in impeccable condition. It seems like it would be funny to have to need new springs in a car with considerably low mileage in order to raise the car back up. But than again, the springs are 16 years old. What does anyone reccomend I do, does anybody know why the car rides so low?
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