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I just noticed a coolant leak under the car today. It only leaks when the car is running at the rate of about 1 drip (small drips) every second or two. It must have just started because the overflow is still full. It doesn't look like it is coming from any hose or connection, or from the top, but it looks like it may be oozing from the body. It is kind of pooled on the plastic ridge that surrounds the fan and dripping down.

I have an appointment at the dealer on Tuesday for an unrelated matter. Is this the kind of thing that will get worse immediately, or can my wife drive it to work and back tomorrow and Monday (5 miles each way) and then I am planning to drive it to the dealer Tuesday morning on the way to work (about a 15-20 miles drive). Should it be OK, or should my wife get a ride to work and I have the car towed to the dealer? The leak is not bad now, but I am concerned that the dam may burst so to speak and I may loose all my coolant in rush hour in Toronto (you can't imagine what a nightmare that would be unless you live here -I have heard our traffice is worse than LA).

I have only used MB coolant (can't vouch for previous owners) and I just had the fluid changed last fall. I have seen radiators advertised for US 200-300 bucks. Anyone in Canada buy one lately for a w126? How much can I expect it to be? How big a job is it to switch one out, and is there anything else that should generally be done at the same time? Dealer will be doing the work and supplying the parts.


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