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My '85 300D just turned over 90k miles. I am getting ready to head off to college in the fall and I'm making an effort to replace any parts on my car that are prone to failure/wear so that I will not have to worry about major downtime away from home.

So far, I've done the following over the course of the past year in addition to regular oil changes and fuel filter replacements, whether the parts were truly bad or not:
  • Installed new Bilstein shocks all around
  • Installed new front-left ball joint (went bad)
  • Replaced all fuel lines throughout car
  • Rebuilt sunroof motor (gear was stripped somehow)
  • Installed new sunroof cable (gear had ruined cable)
  • Installed new breather hose
  • Installed new monovalve
  • Replaced rear brake pads
  • Adjusted valves
  • Installed new valve cover gasket
  • Installed new oil cap seal
  • Installed new front brake pads
  • Installed new front brake rotors
  • Installed new rear brake pads
  • Installed new parking brake shoes
  • Installed new air cleaner mounts
  • Installed new hood pad
  • Installed new battery
  • Installed new MB ATP Type-8 Wheels with Continental ContactTouring 205/55R16 tires
  • Replaced U.S. lights with european lights

The car runs very well now - I love it, and have zero complaints Is there anything else I should look over? Problems that these cars typically have? For example, I noticed another post about someone having a clogged EGR valve. Such checks aren't mentioned in any of the maintainence manuals in my posession, so I could have a problem and not even know it.

Thank you for your time.
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