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Tim: Make sure the noise is in the front. There are a few common thunks in the back, one being the hydraulic pressure reservoirs, which I've seen a number of posts about, and one fairly common (and expensive) problem is the bearing for the caliper mount on the rear, all 126's with self-levelling have these bearings. It will cause a complaint like this, thunking in the rear unless the brake is applied. Come to think of it, your car may also have a diagonal brace in the front that can thunk under these circumstances( only when brake not applied), if I were under you car I could point it out to you. If you look under the car, I am sure you will see this brace running at an angle to the lower arm, there is a rubber mount for it that wears out. Since your problem goes away with brake application, I don't think sway bar bushings would be the cause of your noise, brake application wouldn't affect it that much, if at all.....Gilly
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