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Unless MB changed them since the W124 chassis, the engine mounts are pretty simple IF you can reach them!

They are gell filled, with a bolt in top and bottom. YOu will have to be able to reach both the top bolt AND be able to grasp the mount, plus you need a floor jack to raise the engine up off the mounts while changing them.

I suspect the V8 mounts are a huge PITA, equivalent to the right side mount on the 300D -- burried under the turbo, completely inaccessable from above, so you end up putting the car on jack stands and working from underneath in very restricted space.

Take a look and see what you are in for -- the price indicates about an hour or two of labor (list price on the mounts is $100 each, I think), so it won't be too bad so long as you can actually reach the mounts from below and get the top bolt loose.

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