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Finally finished putting the 300D together

and test driving it. While I had it down for the new chain I decided to replace the seals on the oil return lines to the oil pan. Took it out on I75 and ran it up to around 90. There was no doubt at all with the new "tool" crimped chain. I finally saw what the turbocharged inline five feels like at load. The car drives out GREAT.

During the work I purchased some new o-rings for the oil filter piece that has the two o-rings at the end. I would not be surprised if the old o-rings were original. I used a knife to remove them, they were hard as dried epoxy and just kinda crumbled when I cut them off.

This has been the first opportunity I have had to try the a/c since I replaced the compressor and had it charged. The compressor does not pull in although I replaced the Klima relay. I can manually "make-up" a relay in the old Klima relay and it comes on and cools good. At least now I know how to wire a manual switch The a/c does not leak. I will spend a weekend doing some more trouble shooting before I put the manual switch in.

thanks for the advice/help everyone
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