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I'm confused about the part #(s) for the "new style" thrust arms for my 1990 300E. I've followed the threads for "floating 300E" and I think that new arms will cure my handling problem. Trouble is Fastlane shows this part either a 210-350-38-06 or the 210-350-00-29 (one's a little less than the other but I have no idea of the difference in quality). But...the threads I've read call for a 210-350-33-06 (notice the 33, not 38) with a 210-350-45-06 bolt and a 210-352-00-43 sleeve (I don't remember even seeing these parts in Fastlane. Another site (whose name I won't mention) sells a 124-350-01-29 for the arm. I also think that I read where one poster didn't use the new sleeves because the old ones wouldn't come out.

Does anyone have any experiance with this or know the proper part numbers to get the stronger arm? Do the sleeves and bolts have to be replaced and if so, is it a problem to remove the old ones?
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