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Okay I am still trying to find the Purge Line but I went ahead a did some test not sure if the are worth anything or not.
Car idles great during this whole time.

1. pin3 and pin2 =70%
2. pin3 and pin2 =10% (deflect air flow sensor plate)
3. pin3 and pin2 =20% (open throttle completely)

Could not find purge line to unplug so these test may not mean anything!!!

Engine on
1. Pin3 and Pin2 =49.7 (#'s did not move, car was just started)

After car warmed up the #'s get weird. Numbers started to change around 60 celcius.
They start at 45%flucuate down like this
45% 43.5% 42.7% 40.9% and it does this all the way down to 7% where it stays steady. If at anytime I hit the throttle it sputters and spits and then returns to around 50% and it starts going back down again. ( if you reverse the black and red between pin 2 and 3 it just reverses the % so it could be going up to 93%) Either way hitting the throttle it spits and sputters and then returns to right at 50% and starts counting back down to around 7%.

Again this may mean nothing since I didn't unplug the purge line.
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