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As a dealer "wrench", the hardest part for non-dealer people has to be obtaining factory information. It's easy to get what passes for a service manual from MB, but in reality is the information is in so many different formats in a actual dealership. I'm sure CTH can testify to this. The best source is usually the microfiche, although much of this info is now on "WIS", the info computer. Then start adding books here: The ETM (electrical trouble shooting manual, fancy name for wiring diagrams) DM (diagnostic manual), SI (service info bulletins) MBNET messages, etc. So, even if you buy the "Manual", remember you are only getting the barest-bones of information that is available. The best part about the discs, or the WIS computer, is that you can print out a job and bring it right to the work area-under hood, inside the car, in the trunk, under the car-, and not have to worry about ruining a book. You can do the job and just toss it if it gets dirty or oil soaked or whatever.....Gilly
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