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Yeah, that smartkey is a heck of a lot less than 1100 dollars, don't know who is trying to fool whom. There is no laser involved, maybe someone is thinking LASER CUT key in regards to the metal blade. The smartkey remote has 2 different remote function, it has radio frequency (RF), which is for central locking, Infrared (IR) for convenience feature (summer opening and convenience closing), in addition to the metal blade (not included with a smartkey remote), and then of course the transponder for the actual DAS (driver authorization system), which contains 200,000 rolling codes per key. An additional smartkey I think runs around 100 bucks or so, and requires NO programming (works out of the box). A REPLACEMENT smartkey costs the same as a a additional smartkey, but requires up to 90 minutes to program, although the tech wouldn't need to be there to do the programming, the key is put into the ignition and the key programs itself......Gilly
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