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If the cam is worn or damaged, you may need to replace the cam followers (rocker arms). You just need to inspect them and see, it is case by case. Yes you will need to check the hydraulic compensators, they perform the same function as a "lifter" on a push-rod engine. To do this you need a special tool and a dial indicator. You may want to condider replacing the valve stem seals when you do the camshaft. I believe the work info is all on the disc. I have a complete set of discs. If you want I could look for you and find out. The dial indicator you could get at anyplace, probably even Sears in the tool dept. The fixture you need is maybe 100 bucks or more from MB, I don't know any way around buying it. Maybe the local MB dealership will let you use theirs? I doubt it, doesn't hurt to ask.....Gilly
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