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I'm not sure what amount of "inches" either tool will "pull". If you are referring to the MB tool SSEP catalog, no it's not really like that one. The BMW one is more of a "R2D2" looking thing, large glass cylinder on top that the oil being extracted goes into, then when you are done you unscrew a knob and a heavy wire bale is used to hold the knob down and the oil goes into the "main tank" where the waste oil is held. We modified ours so we can use our large suction pipe to then empty our waste oil into the company holding tank. I can state that we had some problems getting the proper dipstick tube adapter, but once we did, we noticed that the oil extraction process what speeded up alot, probably twice as fast when compared to using a plastic suction probe. The MB extraction machine is made by (pardon if I'm not perfect on the name) Tacelmite? I know that's not right, it's something like that, it's made in Germany. I can't remember the name on the one BMW sells, i believe it is made in Italy, it is green colored, no problems with it at all. It also has a large collection pan on top where we let the old filters drain out. The correct dipstick tube adapter we got from AGA in Iowa, I think it is in Dubuque, Iowa, not sure on the town, they are MB's distributor for this oil extractor they sell. I just remember, on the BMW extractor we have, I now believe the name of that company is Rassk, something like that. We like the glass cylinder on the top, it is graduated so we can actually see the amount of oil we remove, and also can see somewhat what the condition of the oil is, if it is coolant contaminated, for example. In response to the Topsider, I have only heard this mentioned, I believe it is a small extractor for home use, correct? If you can get it adapted to the top of the dipstick tube, I bet it would "pull" it!......Gilly
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