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well, not really...but

Ya, I didn't really get the answers I was looking for...I still don't know how to really get at the modulator, or adjust it...however...I was anxious to get rid of the shift slam so I did some messing around with it. I replaced the vac line to it and took the cap off the new modulator and put it in the existing one...there is barely enough room to do all this and while laying on your back no less. Anyhow, it cleaned up the shifts immediately! Vac leak was the problem.
My advice to you...those bushings are going to be burried in there! If they are not completely shot...spend the time waxing it and enjoy the ride!..Wait till you need new motor mounts, do the trans mount and the bushings all at the same time. I always plan several jobs at once to save my sanity...if something it out and parts are cheap do it then..rather that do it twice.
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