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W201 Full throttle Valve/Relay

My car (1991 180e) was having trouble getting goin in 1st when i'd kickdown from idle. Apparently it was dumping too much fuel and flooding and thus the car kinda choked and didnt rev. This has been fixed by a mate who works at a dealership and the car goes fine now but he told me the Full Throttle Valve (or relay i cant remember) needs to be replaced coz it still has a bit of trouble when you really floor it. Any ideas on how much this will cost me as Merc mechanics are painful on the hip pocket and i'd rather not shell out hard cash for something relatively minor. I might just leave it till next service coz theres a fex other things that need seeing too (wheel alignment, replacement of engine mounts etc)

The cars also jerks a little as it shifts upto third, but i've been told this is common between all the W201 based cars (180e, 190e+). Any thoughts?
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