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Poll ?

I have tried to search for a topic on "oil", only to find mine at the top, and no other topic really has covered this. If anyone knows of a topic on "Best", or preffered oil , please post it here. I don't want to repeat any other "oil" type postings, but my search has been futile.
Anyway, lets continue, I myself have come to the conclusion to switch to Mobil 1 , since everyone has. My brother has a 740i BMW, and he actually has been putting in Slick 50 along with his oil change, and he has had no trouble (his BMW has 154,400 on it). So, what about adding Slick 50?. what is it made out of? I am starting to lean toward just changing the oil often and "hot", and using a sythetic, does everyone agree?. thanks again
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