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213 K miles on MB 300TD. Have owned since Dec. Replaced Valve seals, Alternator, Belts, and AC compressor.

Now having first warm weekend and have temp gage rising at idle to over 100C I am sure this has been asked before in this forum.

Pertinent background looks like a DIY shade tree mechanic with channel locks replaced the water pump. They barked up fan bolts so bad canít get socket on them. Car does not consume oil. So not sure if the past presumed overheating problem lead to ring damage...Also appears to be loosing coolant but without obvious leaks.

Let's check the possibilities

Clutch on fan
Head gaskets, booo

Please let me know if for instance there is some thermostat, solenoid or bypass valve or some such that I am not aware of.

Also help me set the priority on the first likely /least costly paradigm that I should try on this problem.


Stephen Porter

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