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Can't remove the air flow(Tempmatic) button assembly.

The new button assembly measures 9 " wide by 3.5 " deep by 2.5 " high

On my 1993 190E 2.3 the air flow button assembly needs to be replaced, as the old one does not blow hot air when the heater is on. The fan works fine.. There are two phillips screws on the bottom of the wooden cover plate, holding the button assembly in place.

I've gotten the wooden panel off

.....notice on the button assembly face, four cylindrical round openings, have tried bending clothes hanger to fit into these four openings and pulling out. When I pull it doesn't budge....don't want to break it.

I also put a putty knife behind the top left and right edge to release anything there.

Still won't budge.

Is there a catch somewhere I'm missing.....?

Thanx, Mike
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