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Does your uncle work for Southwest Research Institute? They are the most respected independent testing laboratory for engine, fuel, lubricant, and automotive component manufacturers in the United States.

FYI, I couldn't buy "Amoco" if I wanted to. You need to understand that motor fuel brands are a regional thing...

We have no "Sohio", "Fina", "Gulf", "Conoco", "Sunoco", "Amoco", "Getty", "Citgo", "Mobil", "Phillips 66", "Sinclair", "Tenneco", or "Husky", etc. here where I live. We do have ARCO, BP, Shell, Texaco, Ultramar, Chevron, Union 76, and numerous independent stations out here. We used to have "Exxon" but it has now become "Valero".

But fossil fuel historians may enjoy this link:
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