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linkage or no linkage, that is the question

Thanks everyone for the replies. I feel like a baby elephant, and the whole herd is taking turns to take care of me. TXBill, do you still have your '79 240D? If so, does it have a throttle linkage control pressure rod? Or anyone with experience with an '80 240D know if that model year came with one of those? I just don't understand how the previous owner can just throw out a whole linkage. I'm going to go to a junk yard tomorrow and see if I can find a linkage in another W123. The thing is that I don't see any extra places for any kind of linkage to hook up to or mount to. No extra ball joints, mounting holes, brackets, or anything. But I still haven't checked out the left side of the transmission to see if there's a control pressure lever. Can-do Charles, I've already read the site that you suggested, but thanks anyways. Everyone seems to have problems with there tranny not being able to shift. I feel like I'm the only person with the "too many shifts" problem. Anyways, let's see how tomorrow turns out.
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