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I decided on the PIAA superwhite bulbs to replace the standard PHILLIPS bulbs that came with my euros. After changing the bulbs out, I forgot how to rewire the 4 prongs properly into the 5 prong euro light cluster. At the same time I have fitted clear blinkers and am having trouble lining them up properly. When I put on my lights they do not come on fully. When I put on the high beams the fog lights come on and when the lights are in between high beam and low beam on the high beam stock, the lights light up normally. Also when I was driving with the new bulbs in and blinkers with the high beam selector stock on have way the car seemed to loss power at times and the economy gauge would go into the red zone!!!!! What the hell have I done here??? My wiring is looking a tad tired aswell, no cracks but still the grounds look a little tired. How much for a new harness???

Please help me guys!!!! Much appreciated!!!!
Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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