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560SEL camber

My 560SEL has decided to wear out the rear tires unevenly. I had the leaking accumulators replaced a few months ago and the uneven tire wear started about then. I was told the ride height needed to be adjusted as this was the only way to adjust the camber on the rear of the car. My mechanic, soon to be replaced I think, had never heard of this. While he knew how to adjust the ride height he didn't know how high to make the ride. Since he made the first adjustment the left tear wear seems okay but the right side is still bad. I'd just as soon get this fixed before I spend money on new tires and, as of now, the car is unsafe to drive. The car is a 1989 with 103,000 miles and has signs of now being driven for a while before I got it last year. I've had lots of problems various leaks caused by dried seals. Could the rear bushings also be dried out and causing this problem? Thanks for any help provided. BTW Great site for MB owners.
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