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I own a 1994 E420 that is in the middle of a head gasket job.Upon dissasembly I discovered that the left front cylinder head bolt hole(#8 in the tightening sequence)of the left cylinder has two cracks that go all the way through the block.They both start at the surface and go down about 1.5 inches.I have the later open-deck head.I had it welded (there was evidence that it had been welded in this exact place once before) and resurfaced to spec,installed the head,and torqued it down.The #8 bolt took the required torque and did not feel stripped.Needless to say that did not fix the problem.I tore it apart today with the intention of installing a heli-coil but stopped when I noticed that the recent weld has recracked in the same place.So the big question is can it be repaired and how?

Thank you.
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