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Ronald Pantin
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Hey Benzmac and guys thank a lot for the info. The problem with the car was found and solved. It was the TZL or EZL whatever it`s called (module). It seem that company that installed my aftermarket arlarm (I'll call them out later)passed a wire through the fire wall which shorted on the body of the car causing the module to burn up (the wire was going to the coil for the remote start)Now what I forgot to tell you is that the car was not receiving any spark so it was narrowed down to and electrical problem. the crank sensor was checked the coil was checked the module was checked and turned out to be dead. Called to find out the price of this part $ 1,100.00 (wow I said) On top of that Like Benzmac said a Benz will die body wise before this part goes so nobody had this part in stock (not that I was going to pay 1,100.00 bucks anyways. My mechanic found one used for $300.00 bucks so I snatched it we slapped it in and boom the car started. End of story A wise note to you guys out there installing aftermarket alarms etc etc etc be careful of these people who claim then can install arlams not every car is the same a Benz is a difficult car to install this product in The vacuum power locks have to use a special relay for this to work plus another relay for something else BENZ PEOPLE BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY WORK ON BENZES ALL THE TIME>
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