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I'm changing and going back to being a factory representative again. I'll e travelling Texas and Louisiana, driving about 35,000 mile a year.

The last time I did this (for 20 years), I'd buy a new or nearly new car. Problem was, after two or three years, I'd have a worn out car I still owed money on, alot more money than it was worth. Usually $4-6K less.

Since then, I've found an older Merecedes to e a perfect solution. You can buy a nice one between $6-9K and drive them for a year or two and they are still worth close to what you paid originally.

I have found an'86 420 SEL with 125K on it that has had everything done to it, including new radiator,timing chain, valve trane,a/c,tranny seal,front brakes and a new paint job. It needs about $500.00 worth of interior work to make it really nice. (this is the one I talked about several weeks ago).

My question is, would you be afraid to drive a completely rebuilt '86 420 SEL as much as I will have to?

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