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Here's a situation I still haven;t figured out.....Is a high speed wander "characteristic" of this vehicle...or maybe I have a problem I haven't found? 1998 C230, about 42K miles, recently installed Michelin MXV Energy plus...and just had it aligned. The car is very, very sensitive to cross wind at speeds above about 75. At speeds above 80, it wanders noticeably several inches in the lane. Toe was too little and was corrected on recent alignment, and it is a bit more stable. But still doesn't seem to track with stability I would expect, for example a BMW 325. I recently checked the wheel bearings (front) and found the locking nuts about 10-15 degrees loose, so I snugged them down until light finger pressure snug, and tightened them there. Seemed to improve stability a bit. Still squirelly at high speed (above 80). Am I asking too much of this chassis? I still have yet to have the dealer or my local MB rep drive it and comment on it's stability. Yeah I know I am not supposed to be driving at 85, but it seems to me it should be stable at up to 120 or so.

Any thoughts on this car and it's high speed stability?

(BTW...what is the recommended method for tightening the wheel bearing nuts (front)? Is it finger tight, or some light torque value?)

Thanks dave
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