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I'm not sure what you mean that W202 keys can not be duplicated. They are done by a very sophisticated machine, so they do have to be ordered. In Malaysia they may not be able to duplicate them in the country, maybe they are "OFG", order from Germany. In reponse to blackmercedes, they smartkey can be "blocked", if desired. This usually takes place if you believe someone has stolen the key with intent to steal, if blocked, the key won't unlock OR allow the key to turn or steering wheel to unlock. If later found or otherwise recovered, the key can be made to work again by downloading information via a special ordered "shopkey". In regards to key replacement, you can only have a total of 8 keys, the car comes with 3 already. Each key can be replaced twice. Once all of these keys have been used up, you need a new EIS (electronic ignition switch) as well as a new engine computer. It may require a new steering wheel lock as well. On a 98&99 ML, although not smartkey equipped, you can only get 8 total keys, these keys can't be replaced, so be carefull with these keys, as the truck will also need a engine control module and a AAM, or all-activity module (body computer is what it is), and I believe you may need to replace all the lock cylinders on an ML also. YMSIN, on the keyless-go "keyless" car, the thumb is not the determining factor to start-up, it is a transponder card that is carried by the owner which authorizes unlock and start commands, not a thumbprint......Gilly
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