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If they haven't changed the rules

Greetings Rick,

If the Gov't hasn't changed the rules, then if you ship one free over there, you can ship one home for free. I'd personally take one that you'd like to get rid of over there to another GI and buy one off their economy and take in back home with me. Hate to say it, but I wouldn't take the Benz over there unless you want to sell it and get very little for it. Their specs on the European models are a little bit different and actually run a bit faster than the rest. I bought a Toyota, (bad word) MR-2 over there the first year they came out and shipped it home, and of course they were suppose to put all the American crap for polution on it before it was cleared customs in New York. I picked it up in New York and the document was signed and everything was great except all the crap was still in my trunk and this baby still hummed down the road like a European car. They didn't convert it, and honestly I was thrilled, it was great. The exchange rate plus the factor that you don't pay sales tax over there in the Military on a vehicle generally gets you into a nicer MB for a whole lot less money. Ship your junk over there and sell it, then buy you a like new Benz and ship it home for free and no sales tax on either end plus the car will be cheaper to purchase over there to begine with.


Can't beat a true German beer or wine, the food is great too. If you're single, you probably won't be when you leave. I can still remember Mira, too bad I was dating another great American Female at the time. AHHH.
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