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Thank you everyone for all the great advice and information on my oil change riddle.

By the way, "necessity is the mother of invention". I was able to make my own oil filter wrench this weekend out of a tin can, ring clamp, bolt and washers. Diagrams and patents pending (ha ha)

On to my next challenge . . .

Cold Start Problems

I understand what a cold start value is for but, I don't understand how it works and, how can I test it to see if it is working.

What I've done so far.

Checked all the hoses for cracks, splits or vacuum leaks leading into the CSV. Everything looked good.

Took the value off and looked it over for whatever . .

In my attempt to trouble shoot it, I plugged it back into it's electrical source leaving the hoses off to see if:

a) the valve opened or closed when the ignition switch way turned on.

b) to see if the engine would start at all.

Neither experiments seemed to confirm or identify my cold start problem.

Any help?
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