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I feel there's definitely biology involved. Yes, men would like somebody to take care of them ala mom. Why not? The traditional family unit was developed over eons for good reason. I'm not saying that it's the only good way,of course. Society has evolved to be supportive of many relationships, family, and otherwise.
I don't agree with the idea of the fear of a woman cheating due to a successful career or high IQ.
My wife is a college grad with what I believe is a high IQ. Definitely my equal if not more in that regard.
Her Mom was a stay at home as well. We made a choice together that she would be the stay at home, if kids ever came and I was the bigger bread winner in the foreseeable future. Yes, financial sacrifice. My dinner is made for me virtually every night, though I could do it myself. I work full time, including limited travel and the occasional week long trade show as well as pilot lessons thrown in. She, on the other hand has a great social life compared to me. Kids are not full time in school and have never been at day care or after care.

The point of having a partner who is less complex does have some merit in that my wife doesn't have a big career that she has to really worry about.
It also means that we can talk about my day occasionally and vent a little.
She, of course, talks about her day. I happily listen and offer support as they are a handful. And they're good kids too!

Unfortunately, I've definitely seen instances of women I know not being promoted because they may have children in the future. That just outright sucks, especially as most employees are treated as disposable anyway.
Anyone can be replaced in their job, unless it's the owner of the company.
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