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Originally Posted by webwench
What say you?

Hey, I know I'd rather say "I'm just too successful and brilliant for them!" than "I'm not so good at the dating..." More seriously, though, I've never liked seeing hackneyed social biology applied wholesale to entire swaths of the population, and see little difference between what Maureen Dowd is saying here, and what is so often said about women: "They're just looking for daddy."
i cannot speak for all, or even many, men. I will say that in my case, I did not marry my wife because she was smart and successful, even though she was. I did not marry her because i admired her accomplishments, i.e. a black belt in tae kwon do, even though i do (she can beat me up... ). i did not marry her because she is beautiful or sexy, even though she is. I married her because she was all these things, yet humble enough to know that the world did not revolve around her alone and for this i fell hopelessly, helplessly in love with her.

i'm still not sure why she married me. I know that i married "up". I vowed that from the day we were married to the day we part, at the end of days, I would work hard to deserve her. I can only hope that is enough.....
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