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Thanks for the tips about suspension/steering. My car is an August 98 car with 46k miles, so a lot of the long term adjustments you refer to probably are not required.

I would agree whole heartedly with your comments about wheels and tyres. My car's tyres were replaced by the dealer as part of the Signature used car sales process (UK equivalent of Starmark). Needless to say they have fitted non-brand tyres--anyone heard of "Millennium Star"??. These tyres have a directional tread (205/55 VR 16) which looks pretty but probably isn't the product of millions of r&d dollars!

The tyres are noisy and their damp-wet weather handling is unpredictable (which is worse than plain bad, since there is no way of knowing what they will do on this corner coming up).

Next money spent will be on Dunlop SP9000 tyres. I've read the controversy about these tyres but the general impression is favourable. Perhaps also the 8J alloy wheels for the rear (same six hole face) for the staggered set up to improve rear grip.

Maybe these tyres are responsible for my side wind experience. I hope they are responsible for my car's slightly dodgy wet wheather handling. I have also heard that these things cab be among the flip-sides of "Energy" tyres.

Any comments?

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