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Originally Posted by bigredhouse
I seem to remember that thread in diesel, but because there are numerous cracks in the dash and because the interior is gray (strongly prefer one of the camel shades and would like input on this -- what is the name of the very dark camel?) we think we'll just replace the whole interior. Not cost-effective, but ultimately what we'll be happiest with. The dark navy sounds pretty. Where can I go to "see" that color? Thanks.
How about "tobacco" seems I've read several ads referring a dark brown MB interior as such!

I would be interested to know too what dark blue with grey is? My 107's body is midnight (dark) blue #904, and interior is leather grey #238. It really highlights the lighter shade of the zebrano wood console I have also refinished. I suppose these colors could be reversed and look great too! Wonder which he meant?

I will try and post some pictures this week of the progress on my 107. The weather has been overcast a lot lately!
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