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There's unstated grief from my supervisor when I take my turn with time-off for sick kids or school activities. I think that's two-fold. One is that time-off affects everybody's workload who must take-up slack. The other is that I think people believe the mom should take time off, not the dad. This is especially true when the kids are very young. Folks tend to think that dad is babysitting the kid but that mom is the 'real' caregiver.

I have a good friend, a single parent man, who had to explain tampons to his daughter. Eeeek! Thank goodness I had a wife for that chore. I have gone to the store for, 'supplies' and am pleased that I know who gets what.

Once I was a chaperone for an overnight event of preteens and young teens. I had to make 3-4 trips one night, LATE!, to get supplies for girls who hadn't planned things with much forethought. The night clerk, was not a woman who found humor in my visits. I have no idea what she thought, but it wasn't pretty.

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