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Now that I've gone the other way, I will post my thoughts. What I mean is that the C240 sat in my shop building for a couple of weeks while I drove my 300E a couple of thousand miles.

Upon getting into the C240 after the 300E, I came to the conclusion that my 300E is down on power. On paper the 300E is supposed to be 0 to 60 MPH in 7.5 seconds, while the C240 is supposed to do it in 8.2. The C240 felt like a rocket ship. It's amazing what they do with this little engine. It is well matched to the rear gear ratio, and the ratios in the six speed.

The rear package tray of the C240 is higher, you notice it when you turn to look out the back, it's a little harder to see out of.

The C240 is more refined in road feel and handling predictability. The aspect ratio of the tires have something to do with this I'm sure.

The C240 is a little bit quieter, but not much.

As I mentioned when I went the other way into the 300E, the steering wheel and gearshift feel more like a truck in their placement, the size of the steering wheel, etc.

The C240 is much quicker on less fuel.

Hope this is helpful or interesting. Now it's time to get the power back in my 300E.


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