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Hello all! What a GREAT site! Just two weeks ago I purchased a 1988 300 CE with 157k miles. Some records were done, but in my opinion, not enough. The car inside and out is simply immaculate with new rims, tires, interior wood and windshield. The car looks and rides like a brand new baby benz! :->

A few issues that I've noticed are listed below. I greatly appreciate in advance any input or direction to existing posts that may exist on these topics.

My father is the service manager for a local Jaguar/Sabb dealer and has some very skilled technicians willing to do work for me, but alas, there are many differences between the Jag and the Benz! One tech, Mark, is a very skilled guy and used to work with Mercedes, but that was a while ago.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to post these questions!

1) Are most 300 E posts for 1988 era cars applicable to my 300 CE?

2) My transmission slips a bit -mostly it runs high in first gear then shifts to second in what feels like a late shift. It's still very smooth and doesn't feel too awkward, but it's not normal.

3) Most importantly, the AC does not blow cool air. Tomorrow I'll get the Freon checked but from there, I will be looking for tips. I've already checked a ton of posts in TECH on the AC topic and gather that AC issues get $$. Hopefully this isn't a large issue.

4) The engine leaks a very small bit. It looks like it is coming from the valve cover. Would replacing the valve cover gasket do the trick or will I need to do what my local MB service advisor suggested was a usual 150k service and go for the 2k 'top engine' job?

5) The drivers' side seatbelt extension arm makes noise but does not extend, so I removed the fuse. This also affects the lumbar. When I put the fuse back in, the lumbar still doesn't work? Any thoughts?

6) Where the drivers' side window and rear window get close to meeting, there is a small 1/2 inch gap where the rubber piping is not there, thus, creating a little window noise. The rubber piping is in otherwise great shape! Any thoughts on repair?

7) The headrest motors seem to work, but only send the headrests up, not down? Is this normal or is something loose inside the seat?

8) Should I take the car to a local MB professional for a good once over and consideration for the 150k service? Will he/she be able to check brakes, suspension, etc?? The car rides beautifully, tracks great and is a dream to handle. However, I'd like to know the details so I can plan on good care and TLC.

9) The passenger outside mirror does not work from the center console control. Related to the pulled fuse for the extending seatbelt unit?

10) I live in Birmingham, Alabama and travel almost 300 miles a week going to Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. Are there any personal MB professionals/friends of yours that would be your referral for me to contact regarding work and service?

To that end, if there is anything I may do to help anyone in Birmingham, I'd be happy to do what it takes!

All the best and THANK YOU for your love, time and skillful knowledge!


1988 300 CE

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