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Yes, to me the reliability and long term durability of the Benz is what makes it a better choice.

I spent several weeks with a sport suspension, manual transmission Audi A4 on the German Autobahn this summer and it was a fun car. The BMW is also obviously a great handling car. If drivability and the like is what you want most the C may not be your pick, although the new one is considered by many to be comparable to the other two cars.

Had the A4 not been a front wheel drive car, I would have considered one after coming back from Europe.

I drive my cars to ridiculously high miles, that's how I justify a Benz, so the handling is only part of the equation for me.


I put the sway bars and performance shocks/struts on my 300E. The difference is subtle, but certainly noticable, the 300E is a decent handling car to start with. What I also plan on doing is using 205/60's when it comes tire time again. I believe that this will be another subtle improvement.

I did not use the springs because of the alignment differences. Maybe I will take that step again.

BTW. Changing the rear sway bar is not a job for the timid. You have to loosen the rear suspension mounts and lower the entire rear suspension system considerably to snake the old one out and the new one in. While doing this you have to watch the brake hoses very carefully to see that you don't tension them.

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