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Handling, is important to me, but there's simply something about a Benz that I can't describe. I owned and loved an Audi quattro in the 80s. One of my friends collects Bimmers, and I get to drive them some. I hesitate to call them "cheap," but the thing that drives me back to Benz is that the other two makes just don't feel as solid. They simply don't exude the kind of quality the Benz does. The 300E is the perfect car for 90% of my driving. So much of the time there's another human in the car, sometimes not very old or not interested in being tossed around like a rag. So often there's at least one golf bag in the trunk. For the 5% balls to the wall driving, well, it's not too shabby there, either. Were the proportions reversed, I'd be more interested in a Bimmer. In a few years, when the 2001 Cs start coming off of lease returns and I've funded my kids' college trusts and my practice is doing well, I'll go searching for a C-Sportline. Or maybe by that time, someone will have talked Benz into sending over the bigger C with a 6-speed.

Maybe you'll be tired of yours and want to sell it to someone like me.


1986 300E - "Liesl"
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