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I noticed some of the same problems when I first purchased my 98 C230. As C class owners I think there is one thing we must realize. A C class is not an S class. I was very disappointed with the handling of the C at high speeds when I first purchased the car. I drive to Palm Springs once or twice a month. Anybody familiar with I10 and highway 111 to Palm Springs could testify to the wind conditions (The Desert out there is littered with windmill generators). I did notice some instability with the car in windy conditions at higher speeds, even though I can't say I did much driving over 80 (too many speed traps out there). The problems all but disappeared when I upgraded the suspension and the tires. I installed Eibach springs with 17 inch AMG Monoblock (C43 config, wider in the back) and Dunlop SP9000 tires. There are several combos of springs, shocks, wheels and tires that have been time tested with the C class and can really add to it's performance. No amount of modifications can turn a C into an S, but you can match or surpass the performance of a stock BMW 3 series. Suspension and tires just aren't the place to cut corners if you want to push your Benz. If you install some good components, check tire pressure frequently and balance regularly a C can be a blast to drive at high speeds or on winding roads. Just remember, you will never get $90,000 worth of performance out of a $35,000 car.
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