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My mechanic checked the cylinder compression pressures in my '81 300D yesterday. The pressures were: #1=19, #2=23, #3=20, #4=20, #5=23. Pressures are in bars or kg/sq. cm. The pressure are reportedly supposed to be in the range of 24.4 to 30.6 bars. The mechanic said this will cause poor fuel efficiency and some oil burn. However, the car always gets 26-27 mpg, even with a lot of city driving. It does burn some oil but no more than the specs say it should burn normally. He says I need an overhaul ($4,000 so out of the question for me.) I haven't checked on rebuilt or salvage engines. Might do that or I might just continue as is. I haven't really had any problems accept smoke when I floor it and low acceleration which I thought was normal. It does seem to vibrate quite a bit which is what led us to the compression testing. The interior and body are in excellent condition. The odometer reads 93,000; I've had the car 3 years. Any thoughts or advice on what to do would be much appreciated.
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