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Originally Posted by mwaller
THanks; I will test that sensor tonight.
Could these symptoms also be caused by old / leaky fuel injectors? That was suggested by two mechanics independently, but has not be confirmed by anyone on this forum. Sound legit?
I've run some injector cleaner which seems to help at first, but the improvement is marginal at best, and doesn't last long. Could be coincidence.
Could be, but every MB Tech I talked to said the injectors are hard to kill on these cars. I replaced mine and found it did nothing, then again my head gasket was shot before and my Pre-Cats were clogged as well. But now at least I know they are new. I have replaced that Water Temp Sensor 3 times on mine, but two of those were because I broke it. Damn wrench slips. But when I did replace it my car started better warm and cold and seemed to do better all around.
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