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-20 15.7KOhm
-10 9.2KOhm
0 5.9KOhm
10 3.7KOhm
20 2.5KOhm
30 1.7KOhm
40 1.18KOhm
50 840Ohm
60 600Ohm
70 435Ohm
80 325Ohm
90 247Ohm

Next time please search. Luckily I was bored at work and found my old post with the table. It is read from the tip to ground not pin to pin!

Edit: Hey you beat me to it damnit!
2003 Pewter C230K SC C1, C4, C5, C7, heated seats, CD Changer, and 6 Speed. ContiExtremes on the C7's.

1986 190E 2.3 Black, Auto, Mods to come soon.....
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