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Don't get me wrong either, I LOVE technology for technology's sake. Afterall, with out all the technological "gadgets" of upper-end cars, where would the lower-end cars of today be? 10 years ago such technological "gadgets" as SRS and anti-lock brakes were only found on luxury vehicle. Now they seem to be expected to come on all cars.

My concern is similar to that stated before, what happens 10 years from now when technology takes giant leaps in anti-theft, or any other technology for that matter? Has anyone recently tried to have their pre-Pentium computer serviced? Most likely they'll tell you it'd be cheaper to replace than repair. Computers are computers, be they in your office or in your car, evetually they will be obsolete, eventually they will fail.

As far as computers, that's fine, we all want better PC's and will replace them. But cars... sure, we want better ones, but, unlike computers, people collect and still drive their old cars. It's the passion of the automobile that drives us to cars. (we are posting on an auto site now aren't we? lol)

I fear too much technology in cars will render cars disposable. While there are those who will spend 10 times the original cost (about $3,000) of a 1966 Mustang to restore it, who will be willing to spend 10 times (most likely even more) 35 years from now to restore a 2001 C-class (currently about $30,000)? And that's IF the parts will be available AND the equipment to make those technological parts work is still working.

Afterall, anyone know of anyone who collects (and uses) old PC's?

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