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i have a 200 t estate 1984 & it has a stromberg carb a cd 175
it will not rev, it will tick over. I have changed the diaphram in the top of the carb (twice now) it makes no difference.
I have stripped the carb several times no luck or nothing found.
you can make the car rev by putting your hand over the carb mouth and leaving a gap of about 4 mm .

when the car is hot or cold you can see the throttle slide moving up & down as though its hunting.
I have removed all the vacums and blocked them, i even tried different types of oil in the top of the carb still no good

ive taken it to a garage he kept it for 3 days and put a cover over the carb mouth so it can be driven home
do i need a new carb help please im lost & walking

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