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I have the 82 300D Turbo, 123 style and love it. Before this I had the 83 version.. same car for all practical purposes. I didn't care for the SDs in the 126 styles, but love the SDs in the 116. I think the "older" ones are more reliable.. made in the hayday of MBs. I'm sure other members can speak more of motors/xmission/chassis combos than I, but I would opt for the SDs from '79 to 80 or D-Turbos from '82 to 85. By the way.. they all drive differently, so test drive as many as you can. My 82 accelerates faster and changes gears better/smoother than my 83 did. I just drove an 80 SD and it is faster, smoother than mine.. could probably get it for less than $2K and fix the minor things that are wrong, but I don't really NEED another one
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