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Yes, in this condition this is normal. The front locks won't unlock until both front windows are lowered all the way. On an early version like this, there is a switch in the bottom of the door which the window mechanism closes when the window is all the way down. The soft top control module is responsible for all window activity, either by the soft top switch, or the power window switches. Needs to be properly diagnosed, I have had to replace a few control modules for this problem. Can you roll the windows down with the switches? If so, just lower them all the way, then use the soft top switch to operate the soft top. it should work ok then. If you can't lower the passengers window with the switch, it could be numerous problems. The switch itself COULD be the problem, but since it won't lower with the soft top switch, I doubt the switch in the console is bad. I would be more inclined to think it is either the power window electric motor, or the soft top control module.......Gilly
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