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You are right, comparing a 65 Stang to a 01 C-Class was a bit off base in the car for car area. but, I still think it will hold true for a 65 Stang vs. a 01 Stang. Sure, the price-point differential is not as extreme, but my point was how will those enthusiasts be able to restore their 2001 Mustang in 35 years? Will anyone be making re-pop ECU's? IMHO, the only reason muscle cars of the 60's and 70's are being restored is because the technology used in the was simple (and, yes, people are restoring 4 door Impalas, Sky-Liners, etc.).

Also, I never implied that cars were in any way better back then. Quite the contrary, I said I love technology for technology's sake. I believe advancements improve the entire automotive industry. To prove my point, I find it ironic that I could buy a 2001 turbo Eclipse that would accelerate better, corner better, and get better gas mileage (while being more environmentally responsible) than an early 80's Ferrari 308, for less, all while being more dependable (and having a better list of standard equipment).

Perhaps you don't see many 1980 model cars in your town, but here in Detroit, I see them all the time (was amazed to see a 76 Olds Starfire GT over the weekend). Yes, cars are disposable, I should have said I believe technology will make cars even more disposable, because the price to repair them down the road will be cost prohibitive.

One day I hope to be able to afford all the new model cars I only lust after now and then this debate will be moot to me. Until then, I am glad I can still get my quality built Benzs by by wrenching them. If their "brains" go, I know it'll cost.

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p.s.- and as to restoring "family 4 doors" just look to your fellow members here, I was surprised myself to see how many have 70-80's models they are keeping up, not exactly restoring, but you can't maintain if the parts aren't available.
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