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Look, Up In The Air...

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Accordman!

Faster than common sense, more powerful than 13 Camaros, able to leap off of the highway in a single bound!

Yes, it's Accordman, strange visitor from another state of mind, who came to Earth with a loud crash! Accordman - Who can change the shape of sheetmetal, bend steel with his stupidity, and who, disguised as a normal human being, fights the never ending battle for Ego, Cheap Thrills, and the Idiot Way!

If you don't get it, go here:

Now, you can see why some of us here are such hard asses about traffic safety. If this nimrod bought a Mercedes instead, and had used the money he spent on the tires, wheels, sound system and other "goodies" he put in that POS toward a good driving school, he'd still be driving...

Can you feature the phone call to the guy who owns the car lot? "Hi Bubba, this here's Jim-Ed with the city po-lice, y'all might wanna git down heah to y'all's dealer-ship. Some damn fool kid done squished 13 of yer best Camaros!".


P.S. to Kuan...

If someone say, Mercedes suck, I would see the negative Chi in them, and place mirrors and windchimes to counteract...

Besides, no time to react, honorable web-masta derete post!

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