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Woke up this morning to the dreaded timing chain noise in my 500E. Only on cold start, only for a few seconds, but none the less it appears that there is a serious problem.

Can Timing chains be rolled in on a 500E like we did my 380 last fall?

Would it be safer to tear down, inspect gears, replace plastic rails, etc.

Please also comment on master link vs. crimped link.

It has also been brought to my attention that the center gear on the timing chains appears to be cast iron. I would have expected "machined steel" or "investment cast steel".

A 500SL is in the shop beside my 500E with the same problem (timing chains). In his case, he noticed low oil pressure in the upper RPM range. It turns out a rail broke and was clogging the "oil pick up?" It also stripped some teeth from the center gear (which drives the timing chains?).

As we determine more, I will post results.



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